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Cause the REAL Oz 100 years ago was a plush toy created by Lacie and given to Alice . but the Intention turned Oz into a Chain, thus making it have a contract with Jack, since He thought Jack was nice since he gave Lacie happiness before she died. but ended up he was wrong, Jack was his contractor (evil contractor). Alice Kills herself so Intention can't talk to Jack. Intention becomes sad, tries to destroy their memories, but she ends up wanting to answer Jack as he called her name, Alice then dashes towards Oz she becomes B rabbit. Jack was turned into a kid again, SOMEHOW Oz is inside Jack's body and Jack had this stupid plan...and made Oz take over for how long...25 years? yeah.. until he finally decided to take control and he's like "THIS IS MY BODY YOU RABBIT GET OUT..." and you know what happens next...(Ithink)

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