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the answer would probably be nobody- (as the only hint of romance in the whole damn series is when Barma proposed to sheryl) - However he does stammer a lot when in the presence of Sharon (but shes occupied wid Break)

Secondly I'd say Ada as back in Lutwidge Arc volume 6, you can see him blushing when he looked at her- also the Oz and Uncle Oscar mistook her crush to be Gil- that was hilarious...

However I believe (in my make shift mind palace) that Gil and Alice would make a CUTE couple- but i doubt that would happen. But insistently I would have a major fan girl moment if Oz and Gil were to be together.... however recent chapter say tat Oz will probably be with Alice... so to answer your question Gil probably has a crush or had a love interest in the past 10 years that we are unaware off. Nevertheless i cannot imagine any of them being paired as all three look adorable together... now im off to read ozbert fanfics hehe

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