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No, Glen Baskerville does not technically have a true form because Glen is not an individual being, but rather it's like a title. This is why so many individuals have been Glen (the Female Glen talked about in Evidence/Levi's master, Levi, Oswald, Gilbert and Leo as well as at least two others who were seen as silhouettes in Retrace LVIII: Puddle of Blood). Although these individuals can only accept this title because they're born with a distortion from the Abyss around them, which is why they all have connections to Children of Ill Omen (except Leo) and why they must cast these Children of Ill Omen into the Abyss, as their distortion created the existences of Children of Ill Omen. As well after their 'deaths' their bodies mutate into Chains while their souls merge with the previous Glens in the subconscious of the next Glen.

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